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Light Duty Request 07-14-03 - Postal Reporter

ATTACHMENT 1 REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY LIGHT DUTY PART A - (To be completed by employee and given to immediate supervisor) I am requesting a temporary light duty assignment to accommodate a non-work related injury or illness, and I


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Text of Light Duty Request 07-14-03 - Postal Reporter

ATTACHMENT 1 REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY LIGHT DUTY PART A - (To be completed by employee and given to immediate supervisor) I am requesting a temporary light duty assignment to accommodate a non-work related injury or illness, and I have attached appropriate medical documentation to support my request. I understand -light duty is not a "make work" situation, it is an accommodation. I understand I may be required to have my work hours changed in order to provide me with work. All efforts will be made to provide work within my craft and salary level that meets my restrictions. _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Employee's Printed Name Signature/Date _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Social Security Number Position _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Office/Tour Duty Hours/NS Days _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Phone Number HMO Number (if applicable) _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Physician's Name Physician's Specialty _________________________________ ________________________________________ __ Physician's Address Physician's Telephone Number _________________________________ City and State PART B - (To be completed by employees immediate supervisor and submitted to the Postmaster/Plant Manager, or Designee) Based on the medical restrictions outlined on the accompanying Physician or Practitioner's Certification (4F HR-002): ______Work IS Available In My Unit ______Work IS NOT Available In My Unit ________________________________________ ___________ ______________________ Supervisor's Signature Date ________________________________________ ___________ ______________________ Concurrence of Higher Level Manager Date 4F HR-001 June 2000 (91383-9461) REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY LIGHT DUTY PART C - (To be completed by Postmaster/ Plant Manager, or Designee) ______Light Duty is approved from__________ to _____________. If Light Duty is required beyond 90 days, Medical Unit concurrence is required. See Part D. ______Light Duty is denied. (Provide employee with a written notice as to the reason(s) for denial of Light Duty work.) ________________________________________ ___________ ________________________ Signature/ Concurrence (Postmaster /Plant Manager/ Designee) Date ________________________________________ ___________ Printed Name (Postmaster /Plant Manager/ Designee) NOTE: ASSOCIATE OFFICE POSTMASTERS, FORWARD A COPY OF THIS COMPLETED FORM TO YOUR MPOO. PART D - (To be completed by USPS District Medical Officer) IF APPROVAL OF LIGHT DUTY IS FOR 90 DAYS OR MORE ________________________________________ ______________ ________________________ Signature/ Concurrence of USPS District Medical Officer Date PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: "The collection of this information is authorized by 39 401 and 1001. This information will be used to make a determination concerning your request for light duty or return to duty after surgery/ illness / injury. As a routine use, this information may be disclosed to an appropriate government agency, domestic or foreign, for law enforcement purposes; where pertinent, in a legal proceeding to which the USPS is a party or has an interest; to a government agency in order to obtain information relevant to a USPS decision concerning employment, security, clearances, contracts, licenses, grants, permits or other benefits; to a government agency upon its request when relevant to its decision concerning employment, security clearances, security or suitability investigations, contracts, licenses, grants or other benefits; to a congressional office at your request; to an expert, consultant, or other person under contract with the USPS to fulfill an agency function; to the Federal Records Center for storage; to the Office of Management and Budget for review of private relief legislation; to an independent certified public accountant during an official audit of USPS finances; to an investigator, administrative judge or complaints examiner appointed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for investigation of a formal EEO complaint under 29 CFR 1614; to the Merit Systems Protection Board or Office of Special Counsel for proceedings or investigations involving personnel practices and other matters within their jurisdiction; to a labor organization as required by the National Labor Relations Act; to the Office of Personnel Management in making determination related to veterans preference, disability retirement and benefit entitlement; to officials of the Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, Retired Military Pay Centers, Veterans Administration, and Social Security Administration in the administration of benefit programs; to an employee's private treating physician and to medical personnel retained by the USPS to provide medical services in connection with an employee's health or physical condition related to employment; and to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health when needed by that organization to perform its duties under 29 CFR Part 19. Completion of this form is voluntary; however, failure to provide information may result in disapproval of your request." The above statements are consistent with the current description of 120-090, the Privacy Act system covering these records. Information collected must be maintained and used in accordance with Privacy Act regulations (ASM 353) and USPS 120-090. 4F HR-001 June 2000 (91383-9461) ATTACHMENT 2 PHYSICIAN OR PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY: _______________________________________ ________________________________ Patient's Name (PRINTED) Patient's SSN or Medical # What is the cause of the employee's need for a restricted work assignment, and what parts of the body are affected? (DO NOT INCLUDE DETAILED MEDICAL INFORMATION) ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ____________________________________ Estimate duration for restriction(s). Give specific date, if known:__________________________________ ____ What was the last date you examined the employee?_______________________________ _________________ Please indicate below the patient's ability to perform the following tasks continuously or intermittently, and give the number of hours per day they may perform each task: ACTIVITY CONTINUOUS INTERMITTENT #HRS/Day 1. Lifting/ Carrying: (State Max. Weight) #Lbs. #Lbs. 2. Sitting 3. Standing 4. Walking 5. Climbing 6. Kneeling 7. Bending/Stooping 8. Twisting 9. Pulling/Pushing 10. Simple Grasping 11. Fine Manipulation (includes keyboarding) 12. Reaching above Shoulder 13. Driving a Vehicle (Specify) - 14. 0perating Machinery (Specify)_ 15. Temperature Extremes 16. High Humidity 17. Chemical, Solvents, etc. (Identify) 18. Fumes/Dust (Identify type) 19. Noise (Give dBA) 20. Other: (Describe) 21. Are interpersonal relations affected because of a neuropsychiatric condition? ( , Ability to give or take supervision, meet deadlines, etc.) ______Yes ______No (Describe)______________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________________________Att ach any additional medical information you feel might be helpful in assigning this employee to appropriate duties. ___________________________ ______________________________ ___________ ______________ Doctor Signature Doctor's Name (PRINTED) Specialty Date ________________________________________ ________________________________________ _______ Address City and Zip Code Phone 4F HR-002 June 2000 (91383-9461)

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